Big news! Center Centre’s first students will start on October 17!

By Leslie Jensen-Inman

Big news! Center Centre’s first students will start on October 17!

We’re starting classes at Center Centre on October 17th! I couldn’t be more excited.

For the team and me, setting our start date is a big deal. We’re ready to dial up our recruitment process, looking for folks who are ready to shift their career and become an industry-ready user experience designer. And I need your help.

October 17 is when our first students will begin with Induction—the week-long introduction to what their next 2 years will be like. Then they jump right into their first class, my Introduction to UX course, followed by Information Architecture, Sketching & Prototyping, User Research Practices, and Front-End Development. And that’s just the first term—there are five more terms right after that.

During the 2 years, they’ll work on 5 to 8 industry-grade projects, from concept through deployment, learning how to integrate UX design at every phase. They’ll work through courses led by 30 industry experts and our full-time faculty.

We’ve intentionally designed every moment of their Center Centre education. They’ll develop the skills and practice the techniques that will make them awesome UX designers, ready to enter the workforce.

I need your help to find the students for the first class. We have the financing for twenty-two students to complete this adventure. We’re looking for motivated self-learners who are ready to be immersed in a program that will give them a new career.

Do you know someone who would make an amazing student? Do you know someone who could become a top-grade user experience designer?

If you know someone who would make a fantastic designer, please introduce them to us right away. Have them look over what becoming an industry-ready designer could be like. When they’re ready, they can contact us. We’ll be glad to give them all the details and answer all their questions, so they can learn if Center Centre is the right choice.

I appreciate you helping me find our first students.