We don’t want the cost of tuition to be an obstacle for students pursuing their education at Center Centre. That’s why we’ve designed the Give Forward Student Loan Fund to be a simple, affordable lending solution. It provides the funds necessary to attend Center Centre’s program comfortably, allowing students to focus on learning the skills they need to become great UX designers.

All-inclusive tuition

Images of items Center Centre's tuition includes, including a laptop, a diploma, books, pens, and other items.
We want every student to know—upfront—what their education costs. There are no hidden fees for our program. Studio fees, lab fees, required books and supplies, about 120 lunches, and even a brand new MacBook Pro—with all the software necessary for each course—are included in the tuition. Tuition never increases during the 24-month enrollment. Tuition includes all 30 courses and industry-grade workshops.
We’ve built access to industry experts and partnering company mentors into the tuition. Tuition even covers travel expenses to meet with companies for off-site team projects and internships with partner companies.
There are 6 terms within our 24-month program. Each term’s tuition is $9,980.

The Give Forward Student Loan Fund

Graphic of students a part of the Give Forward Student Fund The Give Forward Student Loan Fund allows qualifying students to borrow what they need to pay for tuition at Center Centre. Qualifying students also have the option to borrow up to $59,880 to cover tuition and an additional $20,000 each year of the two-year program to help cover living expenses. The fund offers reasonable terms, hardship deferments, and flexible refinancing.
The loan is interest-free while a student is enrolled in the program and actively taking courses. Interest doesn’t start to accrue until 90 days after a student graduates. This gives graduates time to find a great job before they start paying back their loan. The low interest rate is fixed. Once repayment of the loan begins, graduates may take up to 20 years to pay off the loan, keeping monthly payments manageable.
We structured the Give Forward Student Loan Fund as a revolving loan fund. This means that every time a graduate makes a payment on their loan, they’re contributing money back into the fund. Every time a graduate makes a payment on their loan, they make it possible for a Center Centre student to earn their education. Graduates are giving forward. This is why we call it the Give Forward Student Loan Fund.
The Give Forward Student Loan Fund is a non-profit fund serviced through the Chattanooga Neighborhood Enterprise (CNE). CNE brings extensive experience in humane approaches to lending. They focus on building relationships with their customers. This means our students will get to know their lending servicers by name. They’ll work with our students and give them the flexibility they need to handle unforeseen challenges making a payment or adjusting their loan.

Do you have questions about tuition or financial aid?

If you have questions about tuition or the Give Forward Student Loan Fund, please call us Monday through Friday 9AM-5PM at 423-805-7420 or toll-free at 1-844-805-7420. You can also contact us online.